Starbase 13
The time is 2015-08-04 04:41:37
home of Ben Yuan

Welcome Aboard

This is Starbase 13, the permanent Internet home of Ben Yuan, currently an undergraduate student of Caltech intending to major in computer science.

You look around the middle deck of the tiny space station. Ramps on the sides take you to the upper deck and lower deck. The north and south exits are really docking ports; the north exit is connected to your shuttlecraft, while the south exit is closed. The east exit leads to a stargate room, while the west exit is sealed.

The upper deck contains the command-and-control equipment needed for the station to function on a day-to-day basis. The lower deck is the engineering deck, containing the station's fusion reactor, artificial gravity regulator, life-support systems, and supply provisions.

You can hear the station's laser turrets occasionally come to life, slewing to track nearby micrometeorites. The only other sound is the hum of the fusion reactor keeping the station alive.

Scrawled on one wall is a hastily scribbled-out codeword. You can no longer read it.